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To ensure the safe and effective use of Zaleplon (Sonata) or any other sleep medicine, you should observe the following cautions:

  • Sonata (Zaleplon) is a prescription medicine and should be used only as directed by your doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare professional. Follow your doctor's instructions about how to take, when to take, and how long to take this medication.
  • Never use Zaleplon (Sonata) or any other sleep medicine for longer than directed by your physician.
  • If you notice any unusual and/or disturbing thoughts or behavior during treatment with Zaleplon (Sonata) or any other sleep medicine, contact your healthcare provider.
  • Tell your doctor or pharmacist about any medicines you may be taking, including medicines you may buy without a prescription. You should also tell your physician if you drink alcohol. Do not use alcohol while taking Sonata (Zaleplon) capsules or any other sleep medicine.
  • Do not take this drug unless you are able to get 4 or more hours of sleep before you must be active again.
  • Do not increase the prescribed dose of Zaleplon (Sonata) capsules or any other sleep medicine unless instructed by your doctor.
  • When you first start taking Sonata (Zaleplon) or any other sleep medicine, until you know whether the medicine will still have some carryover effect in you the next day, use extreme care while doing anything that requires complete alertness, such as driving a car, operating machinery, or piloting an aircraft.
  • Be aware that you may have more sleeping problems the first night or two after stopping any sleep medicine.
  • Be sure to tell your doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare professional if you are pregnant, if you are planning to become pregnant, if you become pregnant, or are breastfeeding a baby while taking Zaleplon (Sonata).
  • As with all prescription medicines, never share Sonata (Zaleplon) capsules or any other sleep medicine with anyone else. Always store this medicine or any other sleep medications in the original container and out of reach of children.
  • Be sure to tell your healthcare provider if you suffer from depression.
  • Sonata (Zaleplon) works very quickly. You should only take this medication immediately before going to bed or after you have gone to bed and are having difficulty falling asleep.
  • For Zaleplon (Sonata) to work best, you should not take it with or immediately after a high-fat/heavy meal.
  • Some people should start with the lowest dose (5 mg) of Sonata; these include the elderly (ie, ages 65 and over) and people with liver disease.

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